Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shor "Empowering Education" connections

I am going to connect this article to other things we have discussed in class.

There is one quote that relates to Oakes."Are students asked to think critically about the material and to see knowledge as a field of contending interpretations, or are they fed knowledge as an official consensus?" This relates to Oakes and the quiz Dr. Bogad gave us in class. The quiz we were given did not ask us to think critically, instead it asked us to just copy information that we already had in front of us. Thinking critically is such an important skill that unfortunately is not being taught in schools as often as it should.

Shor also says, "Empowering education, as I define it here, is a critical-demographic pedagogy for self and social change; It is a student-centered program for multicultural democracy in school and society. It approaches individual growth as an active. cooperative, and social process, because the self and society create each other." This quote relates to Rodriguez because it talks about multiculturalism as well as individual growth and society. The parts about growth and society made me think about the public and private identity Rodriguez talked about.

This article can relate to just about every reading we've done in class but those are just a couple.

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