Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brown vs Board of Education reflection

     I liked the website, I think it has a lot of interesting information on it, but I had a very hard time following along with the videos, I kept getting distracted. I would rather read an article or explore a website. Brown vs Board of Education was such an important case. It happened in 1954 and it made it unconstitutional to segregate people by race. It said that "separate is not equal". It really paved the way for a lot of other civil rights acts as well as educational acts.
     I also really liked the way the Wise article started. "Ask a fish what water is and you'll get no answer, Even if fish were capable of speech, they would likely have no explanation' for the element they swim in every minute of every day of their lives. Water simply is. Fish take it for granted." I think that is a great analogy for the racial preference he talked about in the next paragraph. He talked about other issues of race which I found very interesting.
     Racism and cases like Brown vs Board of Education are such important things to talk about, so I'm glad we got the chance to discuss it in class.

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