Sunday, April 26, 2015

Finn "Literacy with an Attitude" extended comment

For this blog post, I am going to do an extended comment to Jasmine's blog. The article talks about the differences between schools in different areas. Like Jasmine, I never really thought much about the inequalities that effect students in other areas. I'm from the same town as Jasmine, and I also thought that everyone was just like me and was educated the same way. I couldn't have been more wrong. This article really got me thinking about that. I agree with Jasmine when she said "I find it pretty crazy how people blame the less fortunate." It is so ridiculous that people get blamed for things that they have absolutely no control over. The less fortunate people who aren't receiving a good education can't do anything about it on their own. They need help from the more fortunate people in order to fix their education. Jasmine also pointed out that Finn's teaching style reminded her of Delpit. I didn't notice it while reading the article, but, once she pointed it out, I realized that It reminds me of Delpit too. I found this article very interesting and I think Jasmine did a great job on her blog post about it!

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